Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Classical Conversations- Week TWO!

What a beautiful morning we had in assembly.  I love the song the Lord has given to Mrs. Mullins for the next few weeks.  Great IS His faithfulness.  Oh how we exalt our Lord and King, we exclaim His greatness across the nations.  What a JOY it is to look out over the audience of precious young faces watching them praise the Lord, too!  In the midst of our families tragedy it was cathartic to sit and soak in HIS presence.

Family Introductions are such a wonderful time of connecting our hearts to one another.  This morning was no exception.  

It was such a blessing getting to know our two families even better!

How thankful I am that our Challenge classes meet with Foundations each and every week.  It certainly is a sacrifice of praise for these beloved tutors, but they choose to stay longer each day to stay connected to the whole community.  

 Mrs. Doto was a JOY to listen to this morning as she talked about her Challenge IV class.  

Precious forever friends

Mrs. Kronz did such a good job helping our 4-5 year olds learn the skills needed for good public speaking.   

Mrs. Higgins class was having a blast when I peeked in.  Oh how we love our tutors. 

Mrs. Collins brought in wonderful picture books to talk about the 5 elements of shape and how we use those when working on Mirror Images.  

Our little ones sure do love learning about art.  

Moms you are a blessing and make all the difference in the class.  

Our nursery was going strong all day long!  Thank you, Brandon and Sarah for all your hard work.  


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