Friday, January 4, 2019

Standing Firm & Staying Holy....

So HUMBLE yourself before God.  RESIST the devil, and he will FLEE from you.”

The definition of devil in this verse:  May be said to act the “part” of the devil or to side with him.

This is important because not every attack we have is from the devil.  he is not omnipresent and cannot be everywhere at once.  But we have a sin nature that wants us to drift back to the darkness of who we were before we were saved.  It wants to enslave us, to keep us from the focuses on temporary satisfaction that fascinates and then when we engage and turn away from God-it ASSASSINATES. (Thank you for that phrase Debbie Friley)

With that in mind...

Mary, humble yourself before me this morning by remembering who I am.  

🙏Resist the devils ways by standing FIRM in the truth you already know from my Word.  
🙏Stay in my Word and let me by the shield that guards you and the source of you strength.  

When you do this...when you engage with the Holy Spirit within you THIS enables you to stand firm in holiness...the devil and his nature will have no way with you.  

Lord, this morning I lift up every area that will come under attack today.  You already know the temptations I am going to have to not believe the best about others.  You already know the Holy Bootcamps that are going to come my way.  I’m so grateful that nothing is a surprise to you.  Dress me in the full armor of your Word today and show me how to stand firm in truth even when my “feelings” and physical stamina want to do something contrary.

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