Thursday, April 25, 2013

Classical Conversations 2012/2013 Completed!

We Did It!

Thank you, Erika!  Mrs. Mullins and I loved our beautiful flower baskets.  I will try not kill them.  

The kids did an amazing job on their apologetics papers! 

Saying Thank you to Mrs. Mullins!  She made this school year an incredible experience.  I love her.

My Colton....Responsible

These next several pictures are of the students receiving their goodbye gifts. 

Sophie (Discipline) and her mama

Bethie (Competition)

Logan (Strategic)

Terry (Intellect)

Moriah (Organized)

Sage (Organization)

Ciara (Presence)

Malcolm (Thinker)

Noah (Communication)

All the students received these beautiful certificates of completion.  Thank you, Mrs. Maser for making them for us.

Honoring my fellow directors. 

Being surprised by my community. (tears)

Honoring My Christa

Challenge III

The entire Foundations Community saying goodbye to Mrs. Maser.  (Lots of tears)  She'll be opening our Clearwater campus next year.

Seth's class playing, Mary Had a Little Lamb

Year end performance was packed!  People standing in the back.  Lots of hooting, shouting, cheers, and tears!

Saying goodbye to yesterday and preparing for a brand new tomorrow!

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