Saturday, July 20, 2013


This Friday our Classical Conversations, St.Petersburg group hosted our first community park day of the school year.  Oh how I love these women!  I am grateful to the Lord for the blessing of like-minded mama's who walk together on a journey To know God and to make Him known.  (CC Motto)  

What is community?

It's a place where you never have to walk alone.  


Community is all about discipleship....



A gathering place to make new friends.

It's where we meet our forever friends.

It's a place of discovery....

(Even when we don't want to discover "some" new things)

Community is a safe place to seek prayer and counsel.

It's a place to discover who God made us to be.

It's a place of conversations.

Community allows us to encourage one another as parents. 


Ultimately, community is all these things.  It's a place of accountability, fellowship, encouragement, and equipping.  

Iron sharpens iron as one friend sharpens another!


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