Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finally sharing a secret I've been keeping......

 May 3rd began a new journey for me.  It's been life-CHANGING!  In 8-weeks I've lost 22 1/2 pounds.  But this journey has been so much more than the scale.  I had decided a year ago that I was no longer going to diet.  I found that when I did a diet it inflamed my flesh to lust after that which I could not have.  I prayed that the Lord would supernaturally change my heart.  Well of course He did exceedingly more than I could ever ask or think.  Let me share my story with you.....

Sunday March 16th I had a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.  At this shower was a woman I've known for a few years.  Her name is Mary Jalbert.  Mary is the mother of eight children that she homeschools/ed. (Her only son just graduated from medical school)  

I still remember the moment she approached me at the shower and how we began a polite conversation.  She began to share with me how her husband had experienced a massive heart attack 3 or 4 years ago.  She talked about how scared they were and how the doctor said it was a miracle he lived, but that he needed to lose weight.  It was an incredible testimony of how God led them to Take Shape For Life.  It completely captured my heart!  Because I could never do their story I justice I will simply share the highlights:

  • Her husband lost 50 pounds and changed his life
  • She lost 20
  • They've kept it off for years
  • She's now a health coach
  • She became MY health coach two months after our first meeting

Not only have I lost 22 1/2 pounds, but I'm almost off my blood pressure medication.  They had to change my prescription and I am on the lowest dose possible.  

My starting blood pressure was 154/93 on 60mg of Procardia.  The above blood pressure is taken after just 5-weeks on program and taking 30mg of the same meds, every-other-day! (Disregard the date on the machine, as I have no idea how to fix it?)

My verse has been Zephaniah 3:17, "It's not by might, nor by power, BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD."

This program has tamed my flesh (taken away hunger and cravings) so that I could focus on the heart.  I know that everyday is an opportunity to chose either life or death.  The name of the program  I'm using is called Take Shape For Life 

I will share details and you can visit Mary Jalbert's website if you've been desiring to regain your health, and more importantly your heart!  

Do not try to order on your own as using a health coach gives you HUGE discounts. 

Take Shape For Life uses medifast products as part of their plan.  Each medifast meal has 10-14 grams of protein and is balanced with a healthy combination of carbs, fiber, and vitamins.  

The program I'm doing is called 5 and 1.  You eat five small medifast meals and one lean and green. 

I didn't share what I was doing because I needed time to simply linger with the Lord and watch Him work.  I have NOT arrived, but my friends and family tell me they've never seen such change and determination....Thank you, Jesus!  He gets all the glory and will continue to as long as choose to remember that it's by HIS POWER and not by my might that I can do this!

I love their bars, chocolate chip pancakes, and chili!


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