Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tampa Practicum - Day ONE

Mary, Lynn, and Jessica!

Jessica is doing a G-R-E-A-T job running the Tampa Practicum.  (Especially when you consider that she is about to give birth in just a few weeks

Day one is always scary and exciting.  You don't know your audience yet (They don't know you, either)  It's scary because it takes a few minutes to make the connection and fun because my #1 strength theme according to my Strength Finder 2.0 test results is WOO. (Winning Others Over)  

What does Winning over an audience mean?  It's when the Lord allows this great group of moms and dads to see your genuine love for HIM and for each of them!  It's also that moment when you can just sense that their hearts are connecting with yours.  You go from being with a lot of strangers to lingering with friends.

I begin the morning and my good friend Lynn brings it home.  Day one is all about understanding these important truths:

  • We are not called to be June Cleaver
  • We only get one shot at raising our children and we want to make every second count
  • Homeschooling and parenting can become idols if we don't watch our hearts
  • We must seek God first,
  • We can't give away what we don't own ourselves
  • We are not trying to duplicate modern education, but walk out a Classical Christian Education
  • Grammar stage of learning is for birth through 12-14 and it's all about drilling

Lynn inspires your heart as she walks through how important it is to begin learning math right where you're at.  She beautifully and practically talks about starting over.  She shows us how to go back to find out where we missed important foundational grammar and understanding.  

Lynn's time is to practically walk out how moms & dads can begin the journey of redeeming their own education.  It makes you excited to look at math in a whole new light.  

The picture above shows my good friends Tonya and Rita encouraging moms in our audience.  I always love pulling my friends into conversation.  Tonya has become so precious to my heart, and her mama Rita has always been such a strong tower of wisdom.  What a blessing to look up and see their smiling faces in the audience.  They graciously shared encouragement and practical tips for moms wanting idea's on how to balance school work with house work.  Tonya is the most organized woman I've ever met. (Well, she and my friend Kim Coley)

(Note that I did not try to answer that question;)

 We were so glad to have Christa at the Tampa Practicum.  She is attending Essentials training (as am I) in the afternoons.  Christa selflessly and diligently put together our power point presentation.  What a blessing and gift that is not to have this one item on our plate of responsibility.

Okay, time to get off my computer and begin getting ready for day two...... 

Stay Tuned!


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