Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Few Of My Favorite Things---iPad Pro 9.7


This post is dedicated to sharing what I love and don't love about my new iPad Pro 9.7!  

I should start by telling you that I agonized for months before purchasing.  My laptop is getting old and is starting to do those things that let you know it's time to find a new device.  We Arnold's switched over to Apple about 10 years ago and have never looked back. For us, we found that the solid design and software that Apple offers along with the ease-of-use right out-of-the-box was perfect for our family.


When I began my journey to find a new laptop I was first looking at Macbook Pro's.  It's what I currently own and the new ones are AMAZING!  While clicking through the Apple website my eyes came upon their newest iPad model called the PRO.  I was so fascinated that I had to literally make myself click out of that section to go and look at the macbook.😳  My interest and curiosity really peaked when I learned that the CEO of Apple only brings his iPhone and iPad when traveling to do all of his business.  

I had options and THIS stirred up a curiosity to learn more.


I began searching through copious youtube video's.  I loved hearing what real people and tech companies thought.  It was fun to compare and contrast.  Over time I found that I discovered who the iPad worked well for and who it didn't.  I was introduced to app's I'd never even heard of that were specifically made for this new Pro.  

After almost 3 months of praying, pondering, and overthinking I took the leap and made the purchase.  I have to admit that I was nervous that I would regret my decision. I can confidently tell you that I have no regrets at all.  I'm so grateful for all those youtubers who took the time to share their hearts and their thoughts.  Even the ones I disagree with gave me a perspective I would not have considered.  Let me share with you some of the things I personally love about my new child...I mean iPad😜

#1-The New Apple Smart Keyboard

A brand new feature that just came out with the edition of the Pro is a new technology called smart connection.  You do not need to charge your keyboard or sync it through bluetooth.  You simply snap it on and GO!


See those three little dots?  They are on the left side of your iPad and are magnetized to come together with the keyboard.  


Viola''s truly that simple!


So, what's the big deal?  You can buy keyboards for all the iPads.  What makes this one any different?
  • Made by Apple specifically for this product
  • Super light
  • Waterproof
  • "Feels" like a real keyboard
  • Do not need to charge
  • Do not need to sync with bluetooth
  • Acts as a smart cover that puts your iPad to sleep when you're not using it
  • S.I.M.P.L.I.C.I.T.Y

The truth is there are six of us in this home with devices that all need to be charged.  The last thing I need is to add one more to the mix.  I remember using my clunky/heavy keyboard I purchased for my iPad mini when it came out and nothing was more frustrating than to get up in the morning, grab it, and find that it was dead OR it would be charged but would run out of juice in the middle of using it. I would have to stop to wait for it to charge back up.   

I love that the Smart Keyboard is powered by the iPad.  

#2-The New Apple Pencil

If you are a note taker, or if you love to illustrate, draw, and doodle than you MUST own this sweet and snazzy little Apple pencil.  I have never used anything that works and feels more like the real deal!  Check out youtube video's from pro's to see the power packed into this little gem.  

You do have to charge your pencil, but it's lightening quick and super easy.  Once again, you use your iPad to power up your pencil.


It looks a little ridiculous, but when you are working and you need your stylis you can charge her up fully in 20 minutes or get an hours worth in 2👌

I love that I can use my Apple pencil along with the Notability app to annotate.   This is simply a screen shot of the verse the Lord gave me one morning.  I imported it to Notability and then used my pencil to journal.


When I feel creative I can put together something that allows me time to linger with a verse or a thought through words or pictures.


Practically speaking, I can scan (app) a picture of schedules and lists to keep on my iPad and check them off as I go!

 Here is a picture that a professional artist did completely on the Pro using the Apple pencil.

I could go on and on, but I am going to close out this post today with the pro's and con's I've personally discovered.   Soon I will share my #3 favorite thing about my iPad...APPS!  

PRO'S (for me)
  • OPTIONS: Touchscreen, Keyboard, and Pencil
  • PRACTICAL:  Easy to use right out of the box
  • AFFORDABLE:  Compared to purchasing a laptop
  • APPS: Apps make working so much easier
  • MICROSOFT OFFICE IS FREE and in app form (my job uses this)
  • TRUETONE: Helps ease the harshness on your eyes automatically
  • WIRELESS PRINTING:  I can print most anything right from my iPad
  • SMART KEYBOARD:  No charging or pairing or syncing
  • APPLE PENCIL:  Easy to use for note taking
  • IN APP SCANNER:  Allows me to take important documents anywhere I go
  • BLOGGING:  Oh My! This little machine has brought so much JOY to blogging

CON'S (for me) 
  • COST ADDS UP:  Accessories and apps add to your initial purchase price
  • GMAIL APP: Doesn't have editor.  I have to use my laptop to send emails that have bullet points, pictures, or highlighting

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