Monday, November 14, 2016

Freedom Workshop Finale'

For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago.-- Ephesians 2:10


What an amazing evening the celebrate our 8-Weeks of learning WHO Jesus is, as we dug deeply into scripture took note of His character....Kind, Compassionate, Full of Mercy, Righteous, Grace beyond comprehension, Truth, and the list goes on❤️  



  • Keep Short Accounts
  • Who's Voice Are You Listening to
  • You are NOT a victim to your circumstances
  • Know your position and walk in it
  • If you mess up just hit the restart button...Romans 8:12-14
  • It's not how you start, it's how you finish!
  • Think the best of others
  • Read relationally. (Not checking boxes)
  • Everything is a prayer request

Remember this:  The Lion's Den was not Daniel's tomb, it was his PULPIT!  Let your circumstances become yours!


I loved how we laid out the food and festivities,  but even more beautiful were the testimonies of our sisters.  I love being around new and RENEWED believers because it energizes my own heart.  

Hearing Anna talk about her boot camp in her classroom, and Fran share the importance and power of the body coming together, to Kimberly talking about being a plant that needed to be transplanted into a bigger container so she could grow, the night was FILLED with powerful moments and praise.  I wish I could fill this whole blog post with all of the testimonies.  It would take your breath away.


Joy has become such a JOY to my heart!  I love how God has stirred an even more passionate desire for her to be in the Word.  This is a picture of her with her beautiful new bible in the NLT.  God's Word changes lives by giving us purpose, passion, and truth.  It is an endless source of Grace & Truth!


I love this picture of Cathy holding our youngest member.  Oh, how we love that Harland❤️  He is such a cutie.  Erika your testimony was one of the highlights of my night.  God loves you so much.  You are the apple of His eye.  I love that this was the first time you'd really learned "how" to read relationally through your bible.  Your understanding of how powerful it is was exactly how I felt when I learned to read through my bible relationally.  It's LIFE CHANGING!  


I am so grateful to each of my Table Leaders.  Thank you for walking with me through this last 8-Weeks.  I love walking with women and I'm so grateful that I don't have to do it alone.  I was blessed as I watched God minister to your heart and then He ministered to mine through you.  I can't wait for Salt and Light on January 15th!  Salt and Light is simpler and yet even more profound and personal.  
We missed you our last night Tammy!  I knew the flowers wouldn't live long enough until I saw you next and so here is my gift to you...we now have to go on a girlfriend date and have coffee!😁🎉

"Finally Sisters, Fill your mind with beauty and TRUTH.  Meditate on whatever is HONORABLE, whatever is RIGHT, Whatever is PURE, whatever is LOVELY, whatever is GOOD, whatever is VIRTUOUS & PRAISEWORTHY". -- Phil 4:8

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