Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cultivating My Garden To Bear Beautiful & Tasty Fruit...


People and their lives are like trees.  Good tress bear beautiful, tasty fruit,but bad trees bear ugly, bitter fruit.  A good tree cannot bear ugly, bitter fruit; nor can a bad tree bear fruit that is beautiful and tasty.  And what happens to rotten trees?  They are cut down.  They are used for firewood. 

--Matthew 7:17-19

I am so grateful that we are saved by grace and NOT by works.  As I was relationally reading through Matthew 7 this morning my heart was overcome with a deep desire to bear the most beautiful, ripe, luscious, juicy fruit imaginable for my Savior GOD!  


There is no pressure in desiring to bear fruit, because fruit is born of God's work in my heart.  Whereas, when my focus is on works the pressure is on because it's born of my human efforts with an agenda to earn God's favor.  Fruit has no agenda!  Fruit is born gently over time as God transforms my mind and then changes my behavior.   When I forget to remember, and focus on my own efforts, I go from being a fruit bearer to striving and stressing in my human effort.  

His Yoke Is Easy And His Burden Is Light!

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