Friday, November 25, 2016

Can Anything Happen Without The Lords Permission?

"Can Anything Happen Without The Lords Permission"? 
-- Lamentations 3:37


I am so grateful for the Freedom Workshop and all that it teaches us about not being victims, that nothing is a surprise to the Lord, that we can be Free in the MIDST of our circumstances.  We came home from vacation last night to a hot house because the air conditioner stopped blowing cold air and this morning my car is totally dead.  In the past, this would have caused an overwhelming panic.  It still does cause a feeling of anxiety, but instead of being consumed by my feelings, I use them to be an indicator to walk out Psalm 77:1:  "Cry out to God without holding back.  Oh that God would listen to me."  There I find comfort, peace, and HOPE!

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