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Archived Post- Seth's Seizures

I am bringing over archived posts from my old blog that I don't want to ever forget.  My old blog will eventually be deleted and I do not want to miss out on our family memories!  I will try to include the dates for accuracy sake. 

Original Post- Seth And His Seizures - 1/16/2009

Sunday January 4th changed our lives forever.  Scott, myself and the boys were watching a movie.  Seth just happened to be lying in my lap with a blanket when I felt like he was turning and tapping me to get my attention.  As I gazed down at my sweet little boy my whole world began to spin because Seth was in a seizure.  

The entire left side of his body had gone flaccid.  His mouth was hanging open and copious amounts of saliva were pouring out.  His eyes were blanking rapidly and he was making the worst gurgling noise I ever remember hearing.  

I know that the Lord Jesus Christ rode across the heavens and poured His perfect Grace all over me because I remember experiencing a calm that could only come from heaven.  I remember telling Seth that everything was going to be o.k. while at the same time telling Scott to call 911 in a very calm and collected voice. (Total God moment) 

The seizure lasted for all of 2 minutes.  The ambulance and fire engines were there by the time he was coming out of it.  Seth tried to talk, but you couldn’t understand him because it sounded like someone had shot his tongue up with novacain.

We took him to All Children’s hospital where they ran a CatScan and did copious amounts of blood work.  Everything came back clear and they sent us home saying it was a fluke and that we should follow up with a neurologist and our pediatrician.

We called and though we saw the ped right away the earliest the neuro could get us in was January 26th.  We were given lots of encouragement from others who knew people who had children that had experienced an isolated, one time seizure event, and it never happened again.  We began to hope.

Fast Forward to Thursday January 8th, my husbands birthday.  We had a busy, wonderful day, and kissed the boys goodnight.  Within minutes I heard footsteps and gurgling and there was Seth running/limping out to me in a full blown left sided siezure.

Our Pediatrician had told us that unless his airway was compromised, or if the seizure lasted longer than 5 minutes that we did not need to seek immediate medical help.  So we held him through it and Mama stayed up all night.  I called the doctor first thing the next morning and they encouraged me to call the pediatric neurologist and let them know that Seth had another incident.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it)  Dr. Casadonte is one of the leading Pediatric neurologists and so he’s very difficult to get into.  They encouraged me to call his office everyday to see if there had been a cancellation.

Because I had stayed up most of the night in case Seth needed me me I decided to lay down at noon.  I asked Colton to get me if Seth had any problems.  I felt a sense of security because we had noted that the seizures only occurred when he was resting or falling asleep.

I must have just fallen to sleep when Colton came bounding into my bedroom letting me know Seth was now having his THIRD seizure.  I helped him through, got dressed, called my girlfriend Monica who lives down the road and off we went to the E.R.  I was NOT going to stay home and let him keep having these seizures. 

The Lord went before us because when we arrived that famous pediatric neurologist, Dr. Casadonte just happened to be on call.  (Wink.... just happened)  He immediately ordered an EEG and it showed that our Seth has "Benign Rolandic Epilepsy".  If you are going to have epilepsy this is the one you want.  They normally outgrow it and it’s treated well with anti-seizure meds.  They immediately admitted him to the hospital and began him on Trileptal.   Know that God has been faithful and we are doing well.

UPDATE:  Seth has done so well over the past three years that as of two weeks ago he has been off all medication.  After three years of taking his medication twice a day, he is now FREE and doing well!  Praise The LORD!


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