Monday, October 15, 2012

Back To Normal!!

Coffee W/ Colton
Tonight, I am preparing to go out of town in the morning, as part of my job.  Once a year I have Support Manager Training with Classical Conversations.  It's a wonderful time of renewing our vision and connecting our hearts to our calling of homeschooling. 

As I sat down to do some last minute things my precious son, Colton (16) quietly sat a cup of coffee in front of me, and then sat down with his own. 

 It was his gentle way of telling me he needed some of my attention.  My to-do list quickly faded into the background as we sat and talked over our coffee.  Thank you, Lord that though my days don't go according to my plans, you faithfully walk them out according to your good purpose!  

As we sat and talked about anything and everything, my heart was filled up with such a deep love and appreciation for God's perfect timing. 

Man makes his plans, but GOD determines his steps!


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