Friday, October 12, 2012

The WORST date EVER!!!

Today was one of the most gloriously beautiful days of the entire year.  For us Floridians, it was truly our first day of fall.  My hard-working husband was off, and we decided to make a day of it by going to lunch together at a cheap little diner we love.  We were going to cap the day off by grocery shopping together.  It's those mundane tasks of just being together that connect our hearts!  Nothing big to most people in the world, but everything to us!  

My heart was so in tune with this man of mine that the conversations were bubbling over about anything and everything.  We were laughing, holding hands, and completely connecting.  
As we stopped for lunch at a favorite diner of ours we ordered the house's special sandwich, and it's homemade soup, barely taking time to look at the menu as we were continuing to connect in our conversation.  Within minutes we dug into the food the waitress brought, when half-way through I felt a familiar (but almost forgotten) pain went zinging through my entire body.  I knew immediately what this pain represented.  It took my breath away, brought tears to my eyes, and made me break out in a cold sweat. 
I knew our perfect day was over..... KIDNEY STONE!

I told my husband that maybe it was a fluke, but had them bag up my food.  My husband pondered just going home, but I asked if we could finish our grocery shopping.  (I like to do normal things when I'm feeling fearful)  I was hoping that as I walked around it would "feel" better.  Fast forward to the grocery store where Scott found me leaning up against the cat litter section of the store doing lamaze breathing.  We decided it was time to go to emergency care.

They immediately confirmed that I was passing a kidney stone. (Can I just stop and tell you this cracks me up.  If you've passed kidney stones before you will know that you do not need anyone to confirm what's going on.... you know!)  They gave me two shots for pain and nausea, and within minutes my entire body had turned red and was itching like crazy.  I was having an allergic reaction.  Next came a third shot of benadryl!

So, here I sit on the couch taking my meds, falling in and out of sleep, being taken care of by this man that has loved me for almost 27 years!  I missed a birthday party, didn't finish my grocery shopping, and never did complete my lunch.  I want to believe that I am the worst date ever, but as I turn to the Lord and have conversations with HIM, he reminds me that this is a lie.  I am the most loved woman EVER!  By a husband and her Savior!  I bask in the glory of being loved and cherished.  


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